Feeding Tube Awareness Week, February 9–15, 2014

Once again, the Oley Foundation will be joining the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation and other organizations to promote Feeding Tube Awareness Week. But this grassroots effort is really YOUR week. We’ll help provide a platform and structure, but you’re the stars!

Feeding Tube Awareness Week was established to help people understand what life with feeding tubes and enteral nutrition are all about. Who better to increase understanding than you, the home enteral nutrition (HEN) consumer, who has day-to-day experiences with feeding tubes? While increasing tolerance and knowledge, you may also be creating bridges to people who are feeling isolated by or struggling with tube feeding. While you may never know it, others may be inspired by your story, or may reach out for answers and support after hearing about your experiences.

Help spread the word! Request Awareness Week buttons from Oley at (800) 776-OLEY. Share the Awareness Week flyer , and try some of these ideas (HEN consumers) (clinicians).  Use the Feeding Tube Awareness Week logo to help spread the word! Please see guidelines for logo use.

Oley Video Needs You!

In 2013, we kicked off Feeding Tube Awareness Week by launching a video on You Tube. It was a great success, and we are working on a new video for this year's Feeding Tube Awareness Week. We need your photos! Please send them to Lisa at Oley, along with a brief statement about what tube feeding means to you.

The Press

It’s worth taking a chance and sharing a press release, if you’re not camera shy. News organizations and bloggers are always looking for interesting stories, and yours is unique and inspiring. How is tube feeding helping you or your child be active or grow? What do you do if/when you or your child can’t eat? How do you cope with the challenges of tube feeding?

For HPN Awareness Week in August 2012, we helped send out just a dozen or so press releases (we’re hoping for more next year!), but each of those press releases generated a story. An article in the Albany, New York, Times Union generated a call from a mother in Maryland, seeking information for her tube-feeding son. With the Internet, even stories in the local press can be far-reaching.

media sheet
sample press release

Other Venues

If you’re not up to news coverage, please join us on Facebook or the Oley Inspire forum for daily discussions. The Oley Facebook page reaches more than 13,000 people! Check out the Feeding Tube Awareness Facebook page also—it is bound to be hopping that week. The Oley Inspire forum is a little quieter and more private.

Feeding Tube Awareness Week is also a good time to reach out on a very personal level—to your friends and family, or school or church groups. Maybe you want to have a frank conversation about something you find challenging with a friend, or take the opportunity for “show and tell.”

We’re Here to Help

What you do with Feeding Tube Awareness Week is up to you. We are here to help and support you. Call or write for help with press releases, or to share ideas. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t forget to send us your photos!

Please send pictures, videos, questions, ideas, etc. to metzgel@mail.amc.edu or the Oley Foundation, 43 New Scotland Ave., MC28, Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY 12208.

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