Oley Foundation Equipment/Supply Exchange

The Goal: to connect families in need of formula, pumps, tubing and other supplies with families who have items to donate.

How the Equipment/Supply Exchange Work:

  • Donating items: email oleyequipment@aol.com (preferably) or call (866) 454-7351 with a list of items you no longer need. Include the product name, quantity, flavor, expiration dates, etc. Include a reference number for bags and a size and type for syringes. They will be listed on the Oley website without contacting information. Please include your contacting information (preferably email address), city, state and telephone number when emailing your items. Donated items will be removed from our listing after four months.  Please do not send your items to the Oley Foundation.

  • Requesting items: Identify the products that you can use and send a list to oleyequipment@aol.com if possible or call (866) 454-7351 to confirm the product is still available. You will be provided with contacting information for the donor. Note: You will be required to arrange and cover the cost of shipping the donation.


 If you receive or send items, please let us know so we may keep the list updated.

Things You Should Know:

  • We do our best to respond in a timely manner, but cannot guarantee supplies will be delivered quickly. One to two weeks is a normal turnaround time between receiving a request and actual delivery of supplies (if they are available).
  • You are welcome to send multiple requests to the equipment exchange program, but to ensure that you have the supplies you need to sustain yourself in the long term, we encourage you to seek out alternatives to the program.  

  • The equipment-supply exchange program does not accept prescription drugs and smaller, lower cost items such as gloves and gauze.

  • Oley cannot guarantee the quality of the supplies donated or be responsible for their condition.

Complete list of donated products  (updated April 13, 2015)

Other Resources to Help!

  • NeedyMeds.org lists programs for people who can’t afford medications, adaptive devices, and other healthcare costs

  • New England Enteral Exchange Distribution Solution (NEEEDS): for consumers in or near the greater Portland, Maine, area. The Wayside Food Program serves as drop-off and pick-up point. For more information about NEEEDS, contact Karen Schilling (207-396-8524, SCHILK@mmc.org) or Ashlan Oberholtzer, MS, RD, LD, CNSC (207-699-1417, AOberholtzer@nelifecare.org). To contact Wayside, email Don Morrison, dmorrison@waysidemaine.org.

  • Canadian Children's Medical Support & ExchangeA group for Canadian families to swap medical supplies, and support each other, with medically dependent kids. Also the home of the free Canadian medical supply cupboard, for kids.

  • Project Sloopy, accepts & donates medical supplies, medical equipment, as well, as offers liaison services for healthcare and support groups. (908) 399-6039

  • Parker Lee Project , accepts and distributes donated medical supplies and equipment to families that need them.(469) 441-1485)
  • Katy’s Kloset, accepts donations of formula and equipment if delivered to or shipped to their location in Waukesha, Wisconsin. They loan out equipment and will give away formula. (262) 746-9034

  • Joseph Thomas Foundation helps provide medical equipment etc to medically fragile children in certain parts of Texas  

  • Facebook Medical Supply Exchange, you may have to pay for items http://www.facebook.com/groups/183532715060740/.

  • General insurance resources (medicare appeal, discount prescriptions, etc.)  

  • Resources to help purchase discount tube feeding formula (go to: http://www.oley.org/tubetalks.html, and scroll down the section on "Insurance Coverage / Purchasing 

  • Prescription Hope (acts as a pharmaceutical service coordinator to provide low cost medication and medically necessary nutritional
     supplements/enteral formula to individuals who are uninsured or underinsured)    

  • Patient Access Network Foundation, offers help with insurance coverage (www.panfoundation.org) or (866) 316-7263.

  • Food pantry/food banks, Doc to Dock, Humane Society, veterinarian may accept donations as well.

  • Formula manufactures may have patient assistance programs, coupons or cheaper prices than your local pharmacy http://www.oley.org/lifeline/ndtubetalk.html.

  • Ostomy supplies may be available from United Ostomy Associations of America (800)  826-0826 or the Osto Group  (877) 678-6690.

  • Ask your doctor or nutritionist to see if you can use a different formula, Carnation Instant Breakfast or a homemade, blenderized formula
    Be sure to discuss this option with your physician/dietitian before trying it.

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updated: April 13, 2015