Travel / Hospital Pack

During the 2000 Oley Conference, several consumers and clinicians put their heads together to brain storm a document that would be helpful for consumers when they travel or are admitted into the hospital. The resulting packet is meant to help consumers communicate their medical needs and history to hospital personnel, and can be especially important for emergency admissions at an unfamiliar institution. We recommend that all consumers fill out the relevant parts of the packet and carry it with them whenever they leave home. Consumers may need help from their physician and/or homecare company to complete certain sections.

The packet includes:

  1. a suggested cover letter (pick and choose which points/bulleted statements you
    wish to convey)
  2. a general overview of personal information/medical history
  3. a page for HPN (IV) specific information
  4. a page for HEN (Tube) specific information

Recognizing that many consumers may want to personalize their document, and that all will need to update it regularly, we are offering the Travel/Hospital Admissions Packet in several different formats.

  1. Download this packet from our webpage.

    Packet for Travel and Hospital Admissions (html format)
    Link to Letter for Hospital Admissions  
    Link to Sample Travel Letter for Consumers

    Link to Page for All Consumers
    Link to Page for HPN (IV-fed) Consumers
    Link to Page for HEN (Tube-fed) Consumers

    Packet for Travel and Hospital Admissions (word format) - can be saved onto your computer and updated as needed.

    Packet for Travel and Hospital Admissions - (pdf format) - pdf files require adobe acrobat to read them. This FREE software is available at

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Any questions? Call Roslyn Dahl at (800) 776-OLEY. We thank everyone who helped put this together, especially Marcia Wise, RN, Barbara Lorenzen, RN, and Irmagail Gordon.