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Thank you for offering video resources about pediatric tube-feeding (“Get Permission” and “Tube Feedings Are Mealtimes Too!”). My infant daughter had a Mic-Key button placed at four months to help her gain appropriate weight for heart surgery. Tube-feeding was essential for her survival. Now she is medically stable. We are working with therapists to encourage oral feeding. The videos illustrated much of what we do during therapy. I am the only family member present at her therapy sessions, so I relay our strategies to my husband, parents, and in-laws. They were able to watch the videos, which really helped them in their understanding of the process. We plan on borrowing more to watch!

—Beth Ballard

Consumers and clinicians are welcome to borrow videos and DVDs from Oley’s library. Tapes/DVDs are available on a first-ordered/first-served basis, and should be returned within one week of receipt. Tapes/DVDs produced by Oley may be copied for repeat or shared viewing. Indicate your choice of title and format. Limit two tapes/discs per order.  Please Return Videos / Discs Promptly!  (Summaries are available by clicking on video titles)
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 Information About The Oley Foundation

Enteral - Tube Feeding

  • Oley Regional Conference, Chicago, 2/9/08 Access Devices; Customized Tube-Feeding; Omegaven/MicroNutrients Update; You Prescribe It, But Can You Live With It? DVD only
  • Oley Regional Conference, Phoenix, 1/27/07 - Probiotics; GLP-2;  My Life, My Line DVD only

2013 Oley Conference

  • Main Session I: Featuring the history of PN; why self advocating is important; and new options for treating SBS. Hot Topics in PN Research: how early treatment of dehydration prevents hospitalization; the effects of teduglutide on fluid absorption in SBS patients; and risk factors for central line infections. DVD only

  • Main Session II: Featuring a fascinating discussion of how they are engineering intestines in the lab; how non-transplant surgery is improving outcomes in SBS patients; and the latest on alternative lipid solutions, drug shortages, and PN vitamins & trace elements. DVD only

  • Breakout Sessions: Featuring advice for parents on transitioning teens to independent care; and the relationship between biofilm, thrombosis and catheter infections. DVD only

2012 Oley Conference

  • Main Session I: Featuring information on the Sustain™ HPN research database; the story of a pharmacist who became an HPN consumer; the benefits of intestinal rehabilitation centers; and advice for managing SBS DVD only

  • Main Session II: Featuring one parents’ journey with a child on HPN; the latest on fatty liver disease and drug shortages; and tips for advocating for yourself. Hot topics in HPN research: Navigating through electrolyte shortages; elevated aluminum in long term PN patients; and using social media to share insights about life on PN.DVD only

  • Tube Feeding Workshop: Featuring advice on avoiding/managing complications, skin/wound issues, and drug nutrient interactions; plus an analysis of what is in EN formula. DVD only


2011 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring the latest information on vascular access, emerging therapies for intestinal failure, plus research on CVAD infection rates, catheter infection and bathing, and teduglutide  DVD only

  • Main Session 2: Featuring the importance of hand washing, treating diarrhea, battling bone disease, and an update on drug shortages.  Plus! In Loving Memory   DVD only

  • Breakout Sessions:  Keeping Catheter-Related Complications to a Minimum, Timing of a Referral to Intestinal Failure Center, When the Surgeon Joins Your Team DVD only

2010 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring Sharon Rose—42 years on HPN; intestinal failure management; preserving vascular access. Plus! Welcome/Awards Ceremony DVD only

  • Main Session 2: Featuring current thinking on micronutrients; improving your healthcare team relationship; HPN liver disease & lipids. Hot Topics in HPN Research: fish oil-based PN lipid emulsion; HPN quality of life; self care and blood drawing practices affect on CVAD longevity. Plus! In Loving Memory DVD only

  • Tube Feeding Workshop:  Featuring advice on leaks; enteral access for the complicated patient; food & drug interaction; and more! Plus! Breakout Session: Understanding Your Lab Values DVD only

2009 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring one consumer’s perspective on perfect balance, intestinal rehabilitation, tackling bacterial overgrowth, the importance of food in your life DVD only

  • Main Session 2: Featuring GI tract absorption, safe HPN practices, oral rehydration formulas, update on omegaven (IV fish oil treatment for liver disease) DVD only

  • Tube Feeding Workshop DVD only

  • Pediatric Workshop DVD only

  • 2009 Oley Awards Ceremony DVD only

2007 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring the health care team, bowel transplant issues, and living with HPEN  DVD only

  • Main Session 2: Featuring IV fish oil (Omegaven) for treatment of PN-associated liver disease, preventing sepsis, and complications and psychosocial issues of HPEN DVD only

  • Breakout Session: Have the Guts to Transition to Enteral? DVD only

  • Breakout Session: Pediatric IssuesDVD only

  • Breakout Session: Catheters, Bacteria, and Infection—What You May Not Know DVD only

2006 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring best practices in managing home IV and tube fed patients, Plus Awards Ceremony DVD only

  • Main Session 2: Featuring tips on how to live more fully with home IV or tube feedings, Plus In Loving Memory Service DVD only

  • Breakout Sessions: Reducing HPN Dependency / What Are Probiotics? DVD only

  • Breakout Session: MicroNutrients, Plus Opening Remarks: History and Future of HPN DVD only

2005 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring tips on avoiding long term complications, tube feeding, spouse/caregiver issues, hydration, liver disease and bone disease, Plus Awards Ceremony DVD only

  • Main Session 2: Featuring information on trace elements, dietary management of intestinal failure, GLP-2, Plus In Loving Memory Service DVD only

  • Breakout: Coping Well, Thinking Positive DVD only

  • Breakout: Fluid Conservation DVD only

  • Breakout: Enteral Workshop DVD only

2004 Oley Conference

  • Main Session 1: Featuring aluminum and current FDA labelling regulations, signs and symptoms of HPEN-related complications, pain management VHS DVD

  • Main Session 2: Featuring vascular access-complications/treatment, endoluminal brush, preserving access VHS DVD

  • Breakout: Management of Short Bowel Syndrome VHS DVD

  • Breakout: Drugs and How They Effect Your Gastrointestinal Tract VHS DVD

  • Breakout: Parenting Journey: Chaos to Calm VHS DVD

2003 Oley Conference

  • Plenary Day 1: Awards Ceremony, Effects of Growth Hormone, Glutamine and Diet on Nutrient Absorption VHS DVD
  • Plenary Day 2: History of HPN/Micronutrients, Tube Feeding, Catheter Infections VHS DVD
  • Breakout: Small Bowel Transplants VHS DVD
  • Breakout: Gutsy Issues VHS DVD
  • Breakout: Catheter Care for Ultimate Success VHS DVD
2002 Oley Conference

  • Plenary Day 1: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Featuring:  Vascular Access, Coping Skills, Tube Feeding, TPN Facts/History Plus: 2002 Oley Awards Ceremony VHS only
  • Plenary Day 2: Interventional Radiology, Motility Disorders/ Gastric Pacing, Tube Feeding Plus: In Loving Memory Service VHS only
  • Breakout: Dealing with Feelings VHS only
  • Breakout: Bone Disease/Bone Building VHS only
2001 Oley Conference

  • Plenary Day 1: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Featuring: Infection, Travel, Motility Disorders, Trace Elements VHS only
  • Plenary Day 2: Managing Intestinal Failure: Multi-Disciplinary Approach, from Diet to Surgical Options Plus: In Loving Memory Service VHS only
  • Breakout: Transplantation VHS only
  • Breakout: Preserving Your Liver VHS only
  • Breakout: Good Grief (Coping With Loss) VHS only
  • 2001 Oley Foundation Awards Ceremony VHS only
2000 Oley Conference

  • Plenary Day 1: Awards Ceremony, Catheter & Site Selection, Site Preservation, Catheter/Tube Infections VHS only
  • Plenary Day 2: Insurance Issues, Medicare Legislative Issues, Coming of Age (20s) on HPEN
    VHS only
  • Breakout: Interpreting Your Lab Values VHS only
  • Breakout: Liver Disease VHS only
  • Breakout: It’s Your Line: You’re the Boss VHS only

    Videos from the 1999 and earlier Oley Conferences are available, please call (800) 776-OLEY to request them.